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Paulette in the World Jewish News Agency


'Still Life Goes On'                                    

The New Amsterdam Musical Association (NAMA) recently profiled by The New York Times on the Celebration of its 100th year as a Musical Institute is expanding into Theatre to celebrate this banner year. Opening on May 20, is ‘STILL LIFE GOES ON’, written and directed by Christine Melton-Jordan, who recently completed a successful two-month run at NAMA of her play, ‘BLACK PEARLS’. This 4 character play features former NFL Running Back, Jimmy Gary, Jr. of The Seattle Seahawks ,Hank Dennis, Jane Levy, and Rebecca White. Set in 1968 America, in Buster’s Place, A Greenwich Village Nightclub ‘STILL LIFE GOES ON’ explores the story of two lovers, the reclusive nightclub owner and his headline singer, who cling  to each other while trying to restore their shattered lives. Enter French Woman, Janine Lenot who comes to Buster’s to repair her estranged relationship with her singer-daughter. Emotions flare with explorations of race, heritage, the ‘Jim Crow’ era, the European Colonization of Africa, and the question of identification in Contemporary Western Society. Complemented by A beautiful Jazz Score Composed by Tyrone Brown (of The Max Roach & Rachelle Farell ensembles). Christine Melton-Jordan - Playwright/Director. NAMA: New Amsterdam Musical Association, 107 West 130th Street, NY, NY 10027. Ticket Donation $10.00. Contact Christine Melton-Jordan for more information/tickets at 212- 348-5415 or email:   . Showtimes are: May 20 to June 26, 2005. Fridays (8:00 p.m.) Saturdays & Sundays (3:00 p.m.). Producers - NAMA & Melton Pot Productions.


Photo and caption by Suzanne Freeman: Paulette Attie runs the scales on a piano while students at P.S. 1 in New York City loosen up their vocal chords.

Paulette made both the Jewish and International lists of the 100 most unusual and outstanding women of the year.  In just one single month, 7 magazines and newspapers in the United States and Europe wrote glowing articles about this legendary artist. And three times, her photo crowned their front page and covers! People use to say, legends are made not created. It is true to a certain degree. The ultimate truth is this: Legends are nor made, nor created. They are legends! They escape us. They are beyond our intellectual and emotional measurements. They transcend time and space. And since when, time and space are or were created? They were before us and will remain long time after we are gone. And this is WHY we call the best of us "LEGENDS". When a legend is born like Paulette Attie, we do not take note. When a legend like Paulette Attie enters the SCALA of our lives, the shadows and the lights of all understanding and confusion, the sublime and the absurd intellectualism, the beauty and the provocative, the time and space mingle, unite, begin to disturb us and confuse the hell out of us. We do not fully understand the magnitude of their talents and immense impact on us. We smile, we laugh, we admire them, we applaud them, we gossip about them, sometime we hate them and envy them...but almost all the time we call them "LEGENDS". If they have passed away, they become "LEGENDS". If they are still around, we call them "LIVING LEGENDS". And I have problem with this. Why LIVING legends? Why not simply LEGENDs, since we did agree that they escape time, space and the mind of those who naively taught us that we are bound by time and space. PAULETTE ATTIE is this sort of legend: TRANSCENDENTAL!

Suzanne Freeman wrote: September 11 — Before Paulette Attie wrote her song, "United Are We," she wrote a poem about September 11, 2001. "It was my immediate response to what was going on in the world," Paulette said. "That took care of me while I was watching all the horror on TV and could see all the courageous deeds. Then, I said to myself, I need to write something that will be meaningful for everybody. That's where the song came from." When the award-winning songwriter and performer made her work public, she began to receive standing ovations, followed by some good suggestions. "When I started singing it to people who are knowledgeable in the music business, they said, 'Paulette, this sounds like a wonderful children's song.' It sort of put a little bee in my bonnet," she told Scholastic News Online. Her search for young voices led her to P.S. 1, a 107-year-old elementary school in the shadow of the World Trade Center. It was the closest school to Ground Zero that was still open for business. The 650 students of P.S. 1 have rehearsed and performed the piece several times over the last year. They were featured on New York 1, a local cable-news program in New York City, and will soon be the stars of their own music video. But on September 11, 2002, they staged their own tribute to the victims of 9/11. No media cameras were allowed on school grounds. The short ceremony, which included a tree planting and the reading of a poem, was for the students, their parents, and teachers only. "It was fabulous," said principal Maguerite Straus. "The kids were happy to be a part of it. They knew it was very special." The entire school met in the outdoor yard, which is where they were when the first plane hit one year ago. "It was primary day, and our school was being used for voting," Maguerite said. "We were ready to start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance when the first plane hit."

Photo: (left to right) Peter Howard, John Wallowitch, Rod Derefinko, Frances "Frankie" Gershwin, Paulette Attie, Chuck Prentiss, Bertram Ross.

United Are We" Lyrics by Paulette Attie




Each song tells a story. Each moment is a portrait.

The Hudson Theatre Ensemble is delighted to present “Closer Than Ever,” a funny, wise, and witty romantic musical revue for today, by composer David Shire (Big - The Musical) and lyricist Richard Maltby Jr. (Miss Saigon), collaborators who have worked together for decades(the team that brought us the Broadway musical "Baby”) with direction and musical direction by the extraordinarily talented Israeli Director, Adi Zisman. Jewish producers, Diana London and Florence Pape, were so impressed with the outstanding quality, professionalism, and polish of Ms. Zisman’s musical direction of their “Company, ” “Personals,” and “HapPEAly Ever After” that they selected her over many American applicants and offered her the post of directing as well as musically directing this season’s “Closer Than Ever.” Clearly, Ms. Zisman is delivering on the promise that her education and credentials have prepared her to achieve: graduating Telma Yelin, receiving the outstanding musician award in the army, receiving a BA and MA in piano and musicology both Magna Cum Laude, composing her own musical, producing an original cabaret album, directing numerous shows: Joseph, Little Shop of Horrors, Blood Brothers, etc, and her extremely positive recent interview in Haaretz. Each song in “Closer Than Ever” is an intimate, insightful tale about love, security, happiness – and holding onto them in a world that pulls you in a hundred directions at once. Maltby and Shire bring their celebrated craft and contemporary sensibility to songs about aging, mid-life crisis, altering relationships, doors opening and closing as life moves on, second marriages, and role reversals with parents, as well as wicked satirical jabs at working couples and unrequited love. The Hudson Theatre Ensemble, a professional community theatre, is now in its sixth season and resides in a beautiful new theater in Hoboken, NJ. We produce plays, musicals, and children’s shows. Past seasons include the musical “Company” (musical director: Adi Zisman), Personals” (director/musical director: Adi Zisman) “Steel Magnolias,” “12 Angry Men,” “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” “The Real Inspector Hound,” and many others, as well as our popular Silly on Sixth – Children’s Series: “Sleeping Beauty,” “HapPEAly Ever After” (director/musical director: Adi Zisman), and “Silly 3s.” These spirited productions have earned us much acclaim for their professionalism as well as their heart and soul: “Adi and the Hudson Theatre Ensemble prove you don’t have to go all the way to Broadway or pay astronomical prices to see a great musical. The footlights shine bright right here on this side of the Hudson.” “Closer Than Ever” will be performed at The Hudson School Performance Space at 601 Park Avenue in Hoboken, NJ on Friday June 10 and 17 at 8PM, Saturday June 11 and 18 at 8PM, and Sunday June 12 and 19 at 7PM. Tickets are $16 general admission; $12 seniors/students. For more information or reservations, please contact Florence Pape at 201-377-7014 or


The Sixteenth Annual Jewish Cultural Achievement Awards in the Arts

Photos, left: Actor Adam Arkin, right: George Blumenthal.

The National Foundation for Jewish Culture (NFJC), the leading advocate for Jewish cultural creativity and preservation in America, announced today that it will honor four esteemed individuals at its sixteenth annual Jewish Cultural Achievement Awards (JCAA) on Monday, June 6, 2005 at The Roosevelt Hotel (45 East 45th Street). George Blumenthal will receive the Cultural Entrepreneur award for his pioneering efforts in using digital technology to preserve the Jewish cultural heritage. The three artistic honorees, whose work has contributed both to the American cultural mainstream and to a contemporary Jewish cultural identity in America, include Frederic Brenner for Visual Arts, Liz Lerman for Performing Arts and Donald Margulies for Literary Arts. All of the honorees are truly notable in their respective fields and the recipients have made art and culture arising from a Jewish sensibility more accessible to audiences throughout the country. Adam Arkin (actor, Brooklyn Boy, Chicago Hope) will be presenting the award to Donald Margulies, Rachel Cowan (Nathan Cummings Foundation) will be presenting to Liz Lerman, Frederic Brenner will receive his award from Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (Professor of Performance Studies and Hebrew and Judaic Studies NYU's Tisch School of Arts), George Blumenthal will receive his award from Lawrence Schiffman (Chair of New York University's Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies).

Rachel CowanPhotos from L to R: #1.Liz Lerman, Founder and Director Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Washington, D.C.Over the last 20 years Liz Lerman has established herself as a leader in both the modern dance and community arts fields. She has earned international recognition for her work with Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, as a solo performer, and as choreographer of over 50 works. Her credentials include an American Choreographer Award and numerous Choreography Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. Liz's work has been commissioned by the Lincoln Center, American Dance Festival, Dancing in the Streets, BalletMet, and the Kennedy Center. #2. Rachel Cowan

The Jewish Cultural Achievement Awards are the American Jewish community's foremost recognition of artistic achievement. A portion of the proceeds from this event will support the further digitization of Jewish manuscripts, books, art, and film, as well as educational materials that will encourage their use and appreciation. To purchase tickets for the event, or to make a contribution to the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, please call (212) 629-0500 or visit them online at  About the National Foundation for Jewish Culture. The National Foundation for Jewish Culture is the leading advocate for Jewish cultural creativity and preservation in America.  Founded in 1960 by the Council of Jewish Federations, the NFJC works with artists, scholars, cultural institutions and community agencies to enhance the quality of Jewish life in America through the arts and humanities.  The National Foundation for Jewish Culture is supported by the Jewish Federation movement in America through allocations from the National Funding Councils, including funds provided by the UJA Federation of New York, and more than 100 local Federations of Jewish philanthropy.  For more information, please visit More information about the event can be obtained directly from  Scott Klein at Keith Sherman and Associates, Phone: (212)764-7900, fax: (212)764-0344 or by emailing him at


Imagine a world without music!? A sky without stars?! Empty stages and silent orchestras?! Imagine our lives without cherished memories, some permissible escapades and days without nights...and nights without the sparkling voices of  bursting talents and captivating divas!? This could and would be the end of our world, the apocalypse of the mind and the soul. Fortunately, our world is filled with beauty, tender whispers, innocent creative madness, flashes of hope and delightfully beautiful musical virtuosity bursting from within the heart and soul of Alison England, Erika Luckett, Anne Paglianos, Paulette Attie, Anna Bergman, the sweet, tender, wise and loving words and phrases of Ilil Arbel,  and perhaps the eternal sacred whispers and exploding laughters of Melina Mercouri?!

 Imagine a world without the poetry of Lamartine and Victor Hugo,  a world without the screaming of the bleeding souls of Goya, a world without Brahms, Chopin and Ravel...a world without children playing with their dolls, cars and torturing their toys...a world without the smiles and the faces of people we love...a world without books by Tolstoy, Ilil Arbel, Voltaire, Proust and Chateaubriand...Everyday, every single dawn and sunset that enters my life invites me to thank the daring maker of our universe. For I know, every new day in our lives will bring new hopes, new possibilities, new opportunities and an ultimate reason for creating, writing, composing, singing and spreading warmth and beauty around us. Thanks to THE music and THE beautiful voices of artists, entertainers, even crazy and silly comedians, our world shines brighter and warmer. Our guests  and international artists of the month gave me this ultimate reason for rejoicing.


Alison England, a super magnificent Opera Diva from the United States invaded France with most unusual ammunition: An American sense of humor, a majestic operatic voice and a Voltairian-Ernst Hemingway laisser faire attitude. She came to Paris, et voila, the French went apes! They loved this American aristocratic wild Diva! She mesmerized and confused the hell out of them. They did not know what to do with flamboyant, extravagant and overwhelming Yankee woman. So, they settled for an ultimate admiration for her  with one million questions buried in their aching  Parisian curiosity. So, Alison is doing fine in France. She is highly respected in France. She teaches voice. She designed opera productions. She sings like a dream, she keeps on mesmerizing the French and the French are not totally pleased with all this. They still want to know a lot of thing about this " Ravissante Americaine" (Ravishing American Woman". One of the 4 reasons of Alison's great success in France is her  approach to life. Of course, her sublime operatic voice opened wide doors for her. But, her vision of the world, her most wonderful American humor and internal strength made her shine in France.

Liesl Müller Echoes The Authentic Music of the Golden Era

Meine Lieblingslieder CD

Wien und der Wein

Photo: Liesl Muller, the international traditional star or world cabaret.

Muller is an icon. Probably, one of the very few and last remaining European Divas of the Golden Era of Paris, Vienna and Berlin nostalgic world of cabaret.

Erica Soderholm in the World Art Celebrities Journal writes that Liesl Müller is among artists who define what ‘La Chanson Française’ is all about. The article includes an ‘historical synopsis of French singers of the golden era - artists like Damia, Yvette Gilbert, Juliette Greco’. Homage is paid to remarkable American and Canadian singers like Raquel Bitton, Juliette Koka, and Joelie Rabu. International critics agree "Liesl Müller's music is a tribute to the singers, composers and librettists of the golden era. She uniquely presents the songs of yesteryear. Some songs of the thirties and forties can be sampled on Liesl Müller's Golden Era website. It is also a joy to listen to her authentic interpretation of Viennese songs of the twenties and earlier.Liesl Müller, an accomplished chansonniere in the classical tradition and a great admirer of Lotte Lenya and Ute Lemper, is herself an excellent interpreter of the work of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. "Liesl Muller and Penny Weedon

Photo: Penny Weedon and the "intimately sublime" Viennese Chanteuse Liesl Muller are currently jointly working on a new album featuring beautiful songs of a bygone golden era. The period from the Thirties through to the Sixties will be evoked in French, German and Italian with some interesting Viennese and Rumanian additions.        

A recent review of her CD in the international press goes like this: "A refined lady who sings like a femme fatale chanteuse of "Les annees folles" and Paris Pigale of 1930. A warm and sinfully evocative voice which brings to life the magic, nostalgia and tender beauty of a vanished golden era of the early days of Cabaret and Kabaret of Paris and Berlin. Listening to Liesl Müller's "Paris Canaille" is a joyfully sad delight, because  Liesl awakes in us cherished memories we lost for ever.

Liesl Müller - For JohnnyPhoto: "For Johnny" most recent CD by Liesl Muller.

Liesl's interpretation of Edith Piaf's "Milord" is tenderly sublime. She did capture the intimate moments, the passion and the vocal virtuosity of Piaf. Liesl did not sing Piaf's biggest hit with a French flair. She did it her way; an honest, warm and emotionally captivating personal interpretation. Liesl Müller is an authentic cabaret chanteuse with class, style, finesse and emotions. She is the real thing!  Her recent CD " Wien und der Wein" is a superb evocative interpretation of the golden era of early Paris and Berlin world of cabaret. The simple, yet melodiously beautiful musical arrangements, the fabulous accordion half java, half musette "flons flons", and the voice of Ms. Müller gave us a magnificent recording. The accompaniment of Caio Bescarano, Mario Cavaceppi and David Perkins are first class. And this is exactly what Ms. Muller needed to authentically and truthfully recapture the golden era of European cabaret. The song "Drunt' in der Lobau" (Down there in the Lobau)  is a pure magic. It tells us the story of a woman who "cannot find the place where her young lover kissed her, but she does remember every bit of that wonderful moment when they kissed: nightingales were singing, happiness laughed from a thousand branches, and they dreamt of an everlasting love." Liesl did a superb job in singing that song. Wien und der Wein is a marvelous CD. Two thumbs up! Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Buy it. Get your copy. You will treasure it for many years to come. WIEN UND DER WEIN: GEM IEJCD3. Licensed by MCPS. Highbreck Associates.

NATALIE DESSAY: French Arias ,
Michel Plasson, Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse.

Splendid collection of coloratura soprano arias cleverly chosen  from French most lyrical operas by Donizetti,  Massenet,  Thomas, Offenbach and Gounod.  Natalie Dessay,  the world's top coloratura soprano, showed her incomparable virtuosity and flute-like high notes in a perfect bouquet of popular and best kept secret operatic odes and ballades. In brief, acquire a copy. Rating: 5 stars out of 5. Released on Virgin.


French-Italian tenor Roberto Alagna delivered a world-class album of Italian arias, including Giordano's Fedora, Cilea's Adriana Lecouvreur Puccini's Nessun dorma,  Leoncavallo's La Bohème, I zingari, and Zazà. Alagna took on a great vocal challenge, for he has a  medium-bodied voice. However, his vocal projection and  Italian diction were magnificent.  Alagna is backed up by the Royal Opera House Orchestra. Highly recommended. Rating: 4 stars out of 5. Released on EMI.


Photo: Cover of Erika Luckett's CD "UNEXPECTED", selected by World Art Celebrities Journal as "Best International Music CD of the Year".

Erika Luckett is a  musical phenomenon.  She just sent me her new CD "UNEXPECTED"; a bouquet of 11 songs of an exquisite beauty. And as usual Erika was the lead and background vocals, the composer, the lyricist, the steel string, the nylon string, the electric guitar, the cuatro and the hand claps artiste extraordinaire. She did it all and came up with a five star rating product! "UNEXPECTED" is a real gem, for it contains an astonishing multi-varied abundance of musical and vocal virtuosity, styles, genres and individuality. For instance, the song "UNE PROFONDE DOUCEUR" in French is the reflection of a pure Parisian-intellectual-existentialist-romantic, quasi film noire and seductive Montmartre flair chanson. A genre quite difficult to project and deliver, since in France, very few remarkable singers like Barbara, Catherine Sauvage and Zizi Jeanmaire succeeded in doing so. Erika Luckett mastered that genre and brought it back to life through most singular originality. Others songs in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese cache and English added an unlimited and infinite  rich, rich, rich cosmos of world music. This woman is amazing. It would be wrong and improper to compare her to giants in the music industry. For Erika Luckett is a living legend and quite a unique artist, in all her rights.  However, I am still tempted to put under her hat and in her creativity, the voice, the persona and bursting talents of Barbara, Joan Baez, Amalia Rodriguez, even the wild Gypsy Kings!

Her CD is a triumph. Erika "UNEXPECTED" was expected to be a masterpiece. This is a cosmic festival of Samba, Bolero, Janice Joplin delightful madness, Chris Christofersen  genius, the mystique of Paris, the melodramatic magic of Portugal El Fado, the lyricism of a clever singer blended with intellectual romanticism. Do not allow me to complicate the review of her CD. It is simply overwhelming, magnificently delivered and goes straight to your heart. Two thumbs up. No discotheque or a meaningful musical collection is complete without "UNEXPECTED". Visit her website at


Ericka LuckettErika Luckett is blazing a trail. People's jaws are dropping. Where did she come from? Her music defies easy categorization. Part blues, part funk, part latin, part folkpop... This is intelligent music that reaches the heart. As one fan put it, "I want to live my life the way she plays her guitar: winged inspiration with no boundaries, fingers dancing across steel". Crossing boundaries comes easily to Erika. Born in Mexico and raised in Venezuela and Brazil, she savored the richness of the Amazon, the urban rhythms of Sao Paulo, the percolating warmth of the Caribbean. As a teenager she made her way to France, playing in the subways where her own concoction of Folk/Latin/Jazz/Pop echoed in the underground. Her music radiates life and the wisdom culled from meeting the world head on with an open heart and an exuberant spirit. After France, the multi-lingual Luckett made her way to the Berklee School of Music where she earned a degree in film scoring. From there she embarked on a composition whirlwind, writing for film, multimedia and theater, garnering an Academy Award nomination, an Emmy Award and a Newsweek Magazine "Pick of the Year" for her efforts and collaborations. She founded the world jazz ensemble, Wild Mango with whom she recorded three albums and toured internationally playing the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Barbados Jazz Festival and the Aspen Jazz Festival, among others. In 1999 she leapt into the world of solo singer/songwriters and has since established her presence across the country, performing over 150 shows a year and releasing three albums which have earned awards and wide spread accolade. Her first recording, "Tinted Glass" (2000), won the Just Plain Folks award for Best Album (Torch). "My Little Crime" (2001) picked up Acoustic Guitar Magazine's 2002 Homegrown award for Best Independent Release of the Year, was named Best Album of the Year on Susanne Millsaps' (KRCL radio) list of the year's top 40, won Best Album of the Year (Jazz Vocal) at the Just Plain Folks awards and was included in the Performing Songwriter Magazine "Editors Choice Compilation." In her most recent recording, "The New Orleans Sessions" (2002), she pares down to just voice and guitar revealing a unique style that includes a percussive, harmonically rich approach. The instrument becomes her orchestra complementing the emotional intimacy of her voice and the strength of her songwriting. A true citizen of the world, Erika's music captures a delicious blend of cultures: Smoky vocals over a deeply grooving guitar.


Photo: The dramatic and world-class opera star, Ann Plagianos. A national treasure.

WORLD HOSPITALITY MAGAZINE'S GERMAINE POITIERS called Ann Plagianos: " A magnificent operatic presence, a world-class opera diva...A real gem.." The Dramatic mezzo-soprano Ann Plagianos  made her European debut  in the title role of Massenet's opera "Herodiade" with Montserrat Caballe, Juan Pons, and Jose Carreras with the Teatro Dell' Opera in Rome, Italy.  Ms. Plagianos was a semi-finalist in the Metropolitan Opera District "Regional Competition in NYC. She has toured with New York City Opera in their production of "Carmen". With a powerful and captivating voice, she delighted audiences in the States and Europe.  Ms. Plagianos' roles include Amneris in "Aida", Eboli in "Don Carlo", Santuzza in "Cavalleria Rusticana", Laura in "La Gioconda", Azucena in "Il Trovatore", Ortrud in "Lohengrin", Adalgisa in "Norma", Flora in "La Traviata, Frugola in "Il Tabarro", Isabella in "L'Italiana in Algieri", Maddalena in "Rigoletto", Suzuki in "Madama Butterfly", Prince Orlofsky in "Die Fledermaus", Lola in "Cavalleria Rusticana", and Mrs. McLean in "Susannah". It is always a delight and a feast to the eyes, the intellect and the mind to witness an opera singer, such as Ms. Plagiano perform with grace, intelligence and vocal virtuosity. The magazine  described the New Yorker diva as " a writer, a thinker, an artist and a torch of spirituality. She is the kind of stars you trust, you admire and love to be in their entourage. Brilliant, sparkling vocal virtuosity, dominant stage presence and personal warmth define the trilogy of the unique and captivating  rich operatic aura of this diva." Will she perform soon in New York? Her fans are anxiously waiting!


Monday, June 27, 7 pm, Manhattan Ensemble Theatre, 55 Mercer Street @ Broome Street, NYC


Margaret Curry told us :" I have the amazing honor of being a part of this very special benefit for a very worthy theatre company. Don't miss it!! It promises to be tragically hilarious." June 27, Tony winner Joanna Gleason ("Into the Woods," currently starring on Broadway in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"), Oscar nominee Chris Sarandon ("Dog Day Afternoon") and John Glover (TV's "Smallville" and currently Off Broadway in "The Paris Letter") star in John Epperson's (aka Lypsika) play MY DEAH, the Medea legend set in The South, at 7pm.

 MY DEAH Starring Joanna Gleason, Chris Sarrandon and John Glover. Directed by Erik Sniedze

The event is a benefit for The Millennium Talent Group and will take place at Manhattan Ensemble Theatre at 55 Mercer Street, just south of Broome. Don't miss this incredible event! For more info call 212.925.1900 between 10 am and 5 pm. With Andy Langton, Margaret Curry, Tony Raymond, Matt Schuneman, Taylor Stockdale, Ryan Knowles, Laura Gosheff, Dennis Shinners, Louis Reyes Cardenas.  Margaret is currently working on a new solo cabaret show, and is also working on a show with Brent Winborn, both of which will have Ric k Jensen as musical director/arranger. Margaret continues as Titania in "Fools in Love" , which moves Off-Broadway in June to the Manhattan Ensemble Theatre for a ten-week run. Margaret is a world-class artist with unsurpassed talent, depth and formidable stage presence. Go see her in action. She is terrific.