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Paulette Attie Sings. October 5, 2006 – 10:12 am

This was posted on Paulette offered us a delightful show online. It was posted on New York Hotlist, and her singing took New York by storm. Here are some excerpts from the comments of her adoring fans...



Responses to “Paulette Attie Sings”...

  • She’s Delightful, Delicious, Delovely and very worth watching and listening to!! By Ariana on Oct 6, 2006


  • Paulette you haven’t changed a bit! It is good to see and hear you again. Thoroughly enjoyable rendition as always. By Bonnie & John on Oct 7, 2006


  • Lucky me. I’ve seen Paulette perform many times. You captured her spirit and wonderful audience rapport. I look forward to seeing more! By Jerry on Oct 7, 2006


  • Paulette,a lively,heartfelt treat. Thank you for sharing your delightful gift of joyous music with everyone. By Jerry on Oct 7, 2006


  • How wonderful to hear my good friend perform! Thank you for bringing this delightful respite from my mundane labors. By Lou Ann on Oct 8, 2006


  • I am listening to paulette attie sing cole porter’s DELOVELY and enjoying it so much! thanks, paulette, for sharing your terrific voice, performance skill and love of music in cyber space! i am a fan, now! keep on singin’! kathleen conry ps the audience obviously enjoyed it too from the ovation i just heard!!! By kathleen conry on Oct 8, 2006


  • Paulette’s joyfilled performances are inspiring. She is wonderful to share her gift with others, so that they can feel uplifted. Bless your enormously generous heart, Paulette! By Anna on Oct 9, 2006




  • Nothing suits music to Attie like Paulette. One of the loveliest singers I know. Love, MC By Michael Colby on Oct 9, 2006


  • I enjoyed listening and watching Paulette. I’m sure that Cole is smiling. You are the best. Sseve By Steve Taksler on Oct 9, 2006


  • So very delightful and joyous! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. By Irene on Oct 10, 2006



  • Very upbeat, entertaining and fun to watch. You have lots of spunk! Keep up the good work. Dr. Stewart Lantne By Stewart Lantner on Nov 2, 2006



  • My dear Paulette, indeed, you are a star! More than that…you are 4-star calibre: an absolute treat to see and hear.
    YouTube made your performance available to me, with encores, as desired. Thank you, and a happy ” cheerio ” from this Brit, Bernard By Bernard Lee on Nov 6, 2006


  • Scott said, you can really see Paulette’s joy when she sings. Thanks for sharing your joy. Mary. By Mary Dino on Nov 14, 2006


  • Wish I had been there. But thanks to Youtube I was able to enjoy Paulette’s delicious performance. Brava! By don gunn on Nov 14, 2006


  • You really are the tops!! I really enjoyed reading about your fabulous career & seeing you perform. I am not quite a Bdway music fanatic, but I am a lover of it & love to see it perfomed by people who sing it from their heart & soul like you do. Alan. By Alan Amuok on Nov 25, 2006


  • YOU SOUND WONDERFUL! Charles.By Charles Prez on Dec 2, 2006


  • Paulette, Your voice, like your heart, is beautiful. And your joy is contagious! Thank you! By Mimi Turque on Dec 10, 2006


  • Talk about “It’s de-lovely” !!!! Wow. It was a total delight to watch and
    hear you sing. What flow, what grace, what deliciousness. Paulette, after you finished your song, I realized I had been smiling all the way through!  I had no idea about your connection with the troops; that really touched me. Bless you, and thank you for all you do . . .
    Elianne. By Charles Prez on Dec 19, 2006


  • Paulette, You are the Ultimate Diva. Maximillien de Lafayette.