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Paulette AttieMaking Matters Better               


By Paulette Attie


We are constantly bombarded by news that, at best is discouraging, at worst, frightening.  We often sum up these exposures with words like,“ going from bad to worse,” “to add insult to injury,” “no good deed goes unpunished,” and “making matters worst.” When was the last time you heard someone say, “making matters better?”  You’ll start seeing that expression regularly, right here at The International News Agency. Paulette Attie (Award winning writer, singer, and actress), will write a column called “Making Matters Better.”  Should anyone wish to recommend an organization, person, writer, book, that makes a positive impact on people’s lives, send your suggestion to If it’s an organization, include their mission and what they're doing to fulfill their goal.  If it’s a book, what is the book’s theme and why does it make a difference. 


Photo: Bob Hope entertaining the troops. This was Bob Hope's Christmas Show 1971.


One day FRANK D’AMORE, dear friend, comedian, my collaborator on our show, Show Business plus on numerous songs, took me back stage to meet BOB HOPE. Frank had entertained the troops with Hope and appeared with him on TV. Within moments, it was clear to see why Frank loved him. Hope treated us like visiting royalty. He made sure we had ample food and drinks and was in no hurry for us to leave. Hope had just finished “knocking ‘em dead” at Westbury Music Fair, but that didn’t stop him from regaling us with a fresh batch of stories and jokes.

Photo: PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON signing Resolution 75 in 1997, making BOB HOPE an Honorary Veteran.

He and Frank reminisced about family, friends, other comedians, and about their times together entertaining overseas. I was impressed that Hope had the kindest of words to say about everyone. Frank later told me what Hope had once told him: “There’s something good to say about everyone. If I don’t have something good to say, I don’t say anything.” Who has picked up the tradition of entertaining our servicemen and women during the holidays with such enthusiasm and commitment? The good news is that, for the second consecutive year, the USO of Metropolitan New York is putting together a one hour broadcast to be aired for the troops overseas on New Years day.

Photo: Jack Klugman.

For the second year in a row, BETTY CARROLL will be the show’s MC. A lifetime charity worker, Betty had her own radio show for many years. The show is being produced by STEVE GARRIN, President of Video Active Productions, at his Voice Works Sound Studios in Manhattan. Several artists will join to add star power to the occasion. I’m honored to be one of them. Following in Bob Hope’s footsteps, I’ve something good to say about the ones I know, and nothing bad to say about the ones I don’t. You don’t have to be Jewish to love JACKIE MASON. He makes everyone laugh, including yours truly. When I was his opening act at the Marco Polo Hotel in Miami Beach, he kidded me, saying: “Can’t you do something better with that gorgeous voice of yours beside sing?” I wonder what he had in mind. JOE FRANKLIN holds the Guinness Book of Records for being the longest running TV talk show host. Joe first booked me and the cast of Encore on his TV show when we needed the public to know about us. I produced Encore and co-wrote it with Ron Rogers and Bob Sonderskov for the National Musical Theater. Encore became a hit and toured nationally with similar success. Thanks, Joe for your helpful launching. Subsequently, I appeared on Joe’s TV, then radio shows twenty-four times, and was the last singer to perform on his TV show, singing a ditty I wrote called, “He’s Just Our Joe.” Other guest stars will be DOMINIC CHIANESE, Uncle Junior of The Sopranos fame, who will have a few words to say (watch out), and maybe sing. I’ve heard Dominic sing, accompanying himself on the guitar. He has tremendous command over an audience.  STEVEN VAN ZANDT, Bruce Springsteen’s former guitarist on the E Street Band and a mighty music and film presence on his own, and JACK KLUGMAN, who won 2 Emmys for his role as Oscar in The Odd Couple and was nominated for a Tony for his supporting role in Gypsy.



I loved Klugman as Mama Rose’s put upon boyfriend in Gypsy. It’s one of those thankless roles, but you end up thanking him for doing such a superb job. Bob Hope’s daughter, LINDA HOPE will call in with her message for the troops. Worthy of mention is that Linda’s mother, and Bob Hope’s wife, DOLORES HOPE is a great singer with 3 albums out, all recorded in the last few years. For nearly six decades, Hope and his band of Hollywood gypsies entertained our service men and women. Our merry band of New York gypsies is continuing the tradition, and pleased to do our part in MAKING MATTERS BETTER for our troops overseas. A few words for our servicemen who miss the broadcast: We respect and honor you and look forward to seeing you back home in the near future.  “Thanks for the Memory,” Bob. Hope - Isn’t that the perfect name for Bob Hope? We also hope to make some beautiful new memories with this radio broadcast for our servicemen overseas.







FRANK D’AMORE wrote reviews and performed for the troops in Korea for 2 years. You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but Frank is one of the funniest people who ever was, is, or will be. Pictured: Bill Boggs, talk show host and showman extraordinaire, put together an SRO afternoon at the Friars Club celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 90th birthday. Bill did some outstanding TV interviews with Frank Sinatra. Thanks Bill for including me on your Sinatra birthday bash. Songwriter Ervin Drake had written me a set of female lyrics for one of Sinatra’s signature songs, “It Was a Very good Year.” I premiered it in my one woman off-Broadway show, About Time, and enjoyed singing it again at the Friars Club. Drake did the honors of singing the male lyrics, while splendidly accompanying himself on the piano.

The media called BOB HOPE "America's No. 1 Soldier in Greasepaint.” For the GIs, he was their clown hero.





Publisher's note: PAULETTE ATTIE, the multi faceted performer and Award winning actress, singer, and songwriter, continues to surprise us with her new areas of endeavor. In the works is a review she wrote called "Collaborators." It’s about composer Harold Arlen, and 4 of his brilliant lyricists: Ira Gershwin, “Yip” Harburg, Ted Koehler and Johnny Mercer. "Collaborators" will be directed by five time Emmy Award winner Francesca James. A star studded cast will join Paulette in singing the praises of these great songwriters. Paulette personally interviewed Arlen, Harburg and Mercer on her radio show, Paulette Attie’s Musical Playbill.   She’ll be singing at the Friars Club for a Frank Sinatra birthday tribute, produced by TV talk show host, Bill Boggs, who did some seminal interviews of Sinatra on TV. Paulette won the ASCAP Plus Songwriter Award, for the 6th year in a row. She is set to record her new song, “Star Quest,” for which she shares lyric credits with Bernard Lee. Then there are Paulette’s numerous concert appearances and playing the “better” half  to Chris Gampell’s “worst” half  in “Itch,” two person comedy by Elyse Nass PAULETTE ATTIE your fearless writer, has sung for members of the military at army and air force bases in the U.S., and a navy base in Japan.