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Paulette Attie in Hospitality Magazine




Your kitchen becomes second to your live entertainment stage. Your entertainers will take over, NOT your chef! Got it?! So, for your restaurant, hire a very good chef, create an irresistible menu and WORK ON YOUR KITCHEN! For your nightclub and cabaret, hire the best, or at least a first class entertainers, singers and performers who have followers. And do not forget the immense influence and impact of "neighborhood business". Meaning, you must cultivate "locals".

Photo: The fabulous Liesl Muller.

Your neighborhood business will keep you on the map. A bad reputation in the local area will put you out of business, whether you own a restaurant (an eatery) or a cabaret (nightclub). And when, you begin to search for or to hire the perfect entertainers, musicians  and singers for your establishment, you must focus on their local notoriety, regional fame, variety of their acts, stage presence, style and kind of their repertoire, and most certainly their sex appeal and charisma. Because, soon or later, the character and style of your chanteuses and singers, and the genre of the music you offer will inevitably change the whole image and nature of your establishment. Your entertainers will transform "your very" place into their "own stage".


Photo: Anne Kerry Ford: A lot of class, talent and creativity.

And this will reshape and dictate the signature of your joint and quality and quantity of your customers. My recommendation to you is to hire unusual and multitalented artists, if you intend to stay in the live entertainment business. I have some names for you: Lizabeth (Elisabeth) Flood is the new Julie London of American cabarets and clubs. The fabulous and classy Anna Bergman. This lady will add life, class and enchantment to your establishment. Most definitely, New York's exploding sensation, Rhe De Ville. 

Photo: Penny Weedon with the magnificent Viennese Chanteuse Liesl Muller. Both ladies are joining forces to produce a  new album featuring beautiful songs of the romantic and nostalgic  bygone golden era of music and the cabaret of Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

Photo: Anna Bergman, the queen of the Fench-American Cabaret. She is perfect for a Cordon Bleu live entertainment. She is made in heavens for those who have sinfully fantasized about sensually and aristocratically forbidden music.

The fabulous Rhe De Ville. Pure aromatic musical and vocal beauty. Mesmerizing and captivating. A perfect choice for a high class restaurant-cabaret stage.

She is great for cabaret and music-halls. A ravishing, mesmerizing and romantic Jazz Queen teaser for your establishment. She will pack your place. Ute Lemper is the most successful formula. Anita O'Day will evoke nostalgia and surround your clientele with world-class music and all the magic of Hollywood yesteryears. Pam Bricker, the undisputed queen of Jazz of the Nation's Capital. France's great, Simone Marchand, the living soul of Edith Piaf. Anne Kerry Ford is perfect. She has class, fabulous stage presence and a heart.

Lisle Muller of Vienna (currently in London) is fabulous. A superb singer and a magnificent chansonniere at many levels. Barbara Brussell is sensational. She is la crème de la crème, a most outstanding chanteuse and singer for all seasons. Paulette Attie is first class, all the way. She is perfect for either a cozy-charming place or a large scale extravagant stage. She is La Grande Dame with heart and intoxicating talents...


 Ute Lemper

Anita O'Day

Barbara Brussell

Paulette Attie.