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From La Femme Magazine, DECEMBER 2004.

LA FEMME FATALE  By Louise de Chambertin, Paris



 Photos from left to right: Paulette Attie as Eve in "The Diary of Adam and Eve," at the Gene Frankel Theatre off-Broadway.  Paulette, pictured as California's Miss Sportswoman of the Year.

What happened to Paulette Attie, once upon a time, the unchallenged grande dame of showbiz, entertainment and culture in the United States? Where is she now? Is she still stunning and bubbly like a Dom Perignon? Paulette, who fits perfectly in Honore de Balzac or Gustave Flaubert novel? Paulette, who had (perhaps, she still) the most beautiful eyes and expressive lips in the business. Where is Paulette Attie who starred at Carnegie Hall,  in major television series, lavish operas and soap operas in America? Attie, who wrote hits and put in one basket, heads of states, world's leaders, music industry tycoons and the one million faces of a French clown? Same questions were asked about Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Maria Felix, Sarita Montiel, Brigitte Bardo  and all the charades of "Les grandes dames de classe". Sometime, when a movie star, an icon, a sex symbol goddess of the silver screen loses a great deal of her beauty and youth, the "STAR" becomes a distant star. She might still shine but she becomes like Australia. Everybody talks about Australia. But, nobody wants to visit Australia? Is this what happened to the goddess Paul Attie? Let's see.



WHERE IS DIVA PAULETTE ATTIE?                                                                                 WHERE IS NOW,  THE "GOLDEN SONGBIRD" OF TELEVISION, THEATER AND CARNEGIE HALL?



Agent Moe Shames and his wife Betty, visiting Miss Attie in the Green room after her 2nd Carnegie Hall concert. And the stunning Attie as she is today!



December 2004 was a very good month for Paulette Attie. The New York JEWISH POST selected her as "Star of The Month". And in the Post's annual list of "Most Outstanding Women of America", Paulette Attie was on the list. World Art Celebrities Journal in their special edition of the year "STARS ILLUSTRATED", Paulette made the cover and was nominated "STAR OF THE YEAR". In the recent edition of "WHO'S WHO OF THE GREATEST AMERICAN FEMALE SINGERS", Paulette Attie occupied a place of honor. And this month, La Femme Magazine chose Attie "Artiste Extraordinaire of the Year". So, this nymph is still making noise and a big buzz!


Ervin Drake has written a special new lyric for his song "It Was a Very Good Year" sung for the first time by Paulette Attie "Yip" Harburg's (adopted  goddaughter) when she opened a two-week run with her one-woman show "About Time" at the Cinegrill in Hollywood.  And yes, Ervin was one of the brave souls who weathered one of the many horrific storms on a freezing cold February night to see Paulette, sparkling  at the Cotton Club.  She called him and asked if he’d write her a female version of “It Was a Very Good Year,” and he did.  Paulette's engagement at the Cinegrill was shortly after Frank Sinatra had died, so it had special significance for the audience, and for her too. 
Irving Berlin's music, led by "God Bless America," was saluted at the N.Y. Friars' Club. Robert Merrill sang it and other performers included Mickey Freeman, Marilyn Sokol and, of course, the Friars' Abbot Alan King and Dean Freddie Roman. Paulette Attie  produced the show, which  included a visit by Berlin's daughter, Linda Emmett Berlin, winging in from France. Further, the show featured a never-before-heard recording of Berlin singing, "Here's to the Friars" recorded at a 1913 club dinner held in his honor.  Yes, again.  Paulette produced the evening's show and spent countless hours writing and putting it together. It was a memorable moment in the history of American entertainment. Pity, Marilyn Sokol did not appear. She missed the best time of her life.






Alan King and Freddie Roman were not on the bill, and Robert Merrill was not well, but Len Cariou added luster to the evening, as did Eric Michael Gillett and Eric Scott Kincaid  along with Tony winner Marla Schaffel and Tony nominee Ted Levy.  Both Erics have appeared on Broadway, and each did a fabulous job.  The never-before-heard recording of Berlin singing, "Here's to the Friars" recorded at a 1913 club dinner held in his honor” was a real find.  Linda Emmett Berlin did fly in from France.  Paulette called the show, “Irving Berlin Live, and Singing at the Friars Club.”  It was a hot ticket and sold out as soon as the announcement of the show was made.  A splendid evening.   Everybody wanted to have a piece of Paulette. Everybody in the business wanted the share the glory and delightful madness of Reine Paulette Attie. This woman knew how to mesmerize America for decades. It was in 1968, when Paulette conquered the very difficult and demanding French theater.  She made her debut at  Le Theatre de France. Her illustrious director was the one and only Jean Louis Barrault, and she was the only American in la troupe. Paulette told us: "  Barrault was un-believable.  A maitre du theatre in every sense of the word.  He offered me the role of Liza to his Higgins in “My Fair Lady,” for a production in France, and introduced me to Alan Jay Lerner, who approved of his casting choice.  Another tidbit:   I turned it down.  A long story as to why.

 “My Fair Lady” has never been produced in France! Paulette, also, shared with us, very dear memories and unforgettable moments in her career, when she met the best of the best in the business. With a great admiration and and genuine affection, Paulette remembered old dear peers and colleagues, like  world class tuba player Don Butterfield. Paulette told us: " Don Don played with me all the greats, from Toscanini to Frank Sinatra, with many stops along the way.  I heard him, along with 10 other musicians at a Mel Torme show at Michael’s Pub.  My eyes kept drifting over to Don, he played with such enthusiasm and joy (joy has its own special wisdom).  After the show, I asked Don if he’d like to accompany me at some cabaret shows I had coming up.  He was flabbergasted and said, “Yes!”  Well, the audience was treated to a completely unique aural experience.  That  musical mating of the highs (soprano) and the lows (tuba) began in 1988 and continued for several years.  He accompanied me at my Westbury Music Fair shows and my Lamb’s Theatre show honoring Burton Lane." Paulette, also had a fond memory of Carol Channing.  "  I was a good friend of the hero who captured Goering - Henry Plitt.  Because of Henry Plitt (President of ABC Films, I believe), I was a guest on the Virginia Graham TV interview show, which he produced. The other guest on that show was Carol Channing.  With her larger than life personality, and at that time larger than life head of hair, Miss Channing always had her hands or her hair in front of me.  Bless her soul, she's a real scene stealer." 

Paulette Attie, the legend  is still around. She is as active as ever. And as stunning and shining as the bursting sun of Benares! A legend is like a diamond! A legend is for ever!

Written by Louise de Chambertin, Paris, December 7th, 2004.