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In addition to her status as a diva, Paulette is an outstanding writer. She had her own column in the International News Agency, The European Journal, International Herald Daily News, World Jewish News Agency, to name a few. Her articles were read by millions around the globe!

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SHOWBIZ TIME MAGAZINE. April-May Issue P.60                                       Cover of the Magazine     Table of Contents     


Photo: Paulette Attie with Bistro Award winner, Klea Blackhurst

If you want to see the most original talents to be found anywhere, going to the Back Stage Bistro Awards fulfills that wish. This year’s, event took place on April 9th at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. Sherry Eaker, looking stunning and full of vitality, gives you every reason to believe you’re part of a special happening and in for a good time. Sherry is producer and hostess of the event, and she should know. She initiated the first Bistro Awards in 1985. I was there, and for many of the Bistro Awards evenings since then.  Who would have thought a harp player, in a cabaret setting, could hold an audience in rapt attention. Jose Louis Rodriguez, winner of the Unique Artist Award, can and does. I was amazed at how his two hands coordinated two very different rhythms and melodies at the same time.  Beautiful! 

Photo: Andrew Suvalsky.

I was happy to see Klea Blackhurst win a long overdo Bistro. Ever Ms., Miss Show Business, she spoke about a rave review David Finkel gave her in Bistro Bits, with the sole criticism that she altered “Yip” Harburg’s lyric “chestnut’s in blossom,” into a singular “chestnut.” (from “April in Paris,” melody by Vernon Duke) Thank you, David, for picking it up, and thanks Klea, for sharing what you learned from his comment. Klea rapped her clarion voice around “In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening,” adding to the heat of the evening’s festivities. When a talent is on early in a show, he’s often washed away by the many terrific talents who follow. But Andrew Suvalsky’s jazzy way with melody and lyrics, along with his commanding stage presence, make him unforgettable.



Photo: Joe Iconis, winner of the Bistro for Outstanding Special Material.

One of the winning comments of the evening came from Robert Maddock, who along with Joe Iconis, won their Bistro for Outstanding Special Material: “It was just material when we wrote the song. Lorinda (Lafitra) made it special.”


SHOWBIZ TIME MAGAZINE. April-May Issue P.61                                       Cover of the Magazine     Table of Contents     

RETURNING TO A FAVORITE EVENT. Cont'd. By Paulette Attie  

 Sheera Ben-David received the Ira Eaker Special Achievement Award, given in honor of Ira Eaker, Sherry’s father, and co-founder of Back Stage.  I love her rich voice and was equally impressed with how well she and her accompanist worked together. It turns out it’s her brother David. They are truly well connected. Two other sibling winners possibly outshone even the many wonderful artists who performed: Steve and Chris Mazilli. In less than a year, their Metropolitan Room has become THE new, very hot cabaret in town.


Photo: Tim Di Pasqua

The Mazilli brothers are already known for their popular Gotham Comedy Club. I spoke with Steve and asked him why he decided to open a cabaret. He said, “I love music. We were exposed to music when we were growing up, and each of us played instruments. Credit also goes to Lenny Watts, who shared the Special Award with the Mazilli brothers for booking the artists at the Metropolitan Room. Many of the night’s winners have performed there.  Making a return engagement to the Bistro Awards, comedian Jim David opened the show and added several moments of hilarity throughout the evening. 

Photo: Keith David.

Smooth, suave, and debonair is how Nat King Cole is frequently described, and Keith David acts, looks, and sounds like that great master in his tribute to Nat King Cole. The wonderful Frank Owen accompanied him on the piano. I really liked Tim di Pasqua’s lyric, “…learn to love the rest of the world as much as I love you,” from “One Thing,” which won him Best Song of the Year Award. Betty Buckley was the only performer to receive two standing ovations; one before she sang, and another after her beautiful rendition of “Star Dust.”